Our Story

The International Lawyers Surfing Association (I.L.S.A) is the peak body for the various surfing lawyers associations around the globe.  It was formed in 2014 out the back at Malibu, California, as an alliance between the founder of the American Lawyers Association and the Australian Lawyers Surfing Association.  I.L.S.A has the following aims and objectives:

• To foster friendship and camaraderie between national surfing lawyer's associations,

• To encourage the establishment of surfing lawyers associations around the globe,

• To offer hospitality to visiting surfing lawyers and their family and friends,

• To offer participation in our national annual conferences, 



ILSA is run by a board consisting of the founding member of each national association or their nominee.  

The current board consists of:

David Olan (U.S.A)

Peter Strain (Australia)